Horse Boarding - Full Horse Board

Willow Acres provides quality horse boarding (full horse board) services which emphasize a peaceful, pleasant and safe environment for both horse and rider. All horse breeds and riding abilities are welcome, and we treat the horses under our care the same way we treat our own horses - as members of our family.
Horse Boarding Vacancies and Costs:
Please contact us directly for horse board availability and cost.

Horse Training:
Open to all flat disciplines.
Our resident trainers are available to you.
Your trainer is welcome at our facility.

Lessons are available in all flat disciplines on your horse or ours.
Our private select lesson horses are used once daily (max. 5 days per week).
We are happy to start beginner riders and take them all the way to the show 

The property is securely fenced.
Gated entry is locked at night.
Owners live on-site.
Video cameras on-site.

High quality feed.
Feed program: 6 daily feedings (2 grain and 4 hay).
We are happy to customize feeding to suit your specific requirements.
Quality hay.
Grain includes a choice of pellets, oats, sweet feed, Step 4 Rocky
  and Step 6 Senior. 
Mouse-free feed storage room.

Daily turn-out.
We are happy to customize turn-outs to suit your specific requirements 
  (eg: no rain turn-out, half-day turn-out, cold weather, etc.).

Veterinarian & Farrier:
Regular visits for routine dental, shots and hoof/shoe upkeep.
Your vet or farrier is welcome. 

Additional Services (for fee):
Holiday exercise


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Willow Acres Equestrian Centre provides horse boarding and full horse board. Our equestrian facility also features horse
training and horseback riding in both English and Western disciplines. We are centrally located for patrons in the White Rock,
South Surrey, Surrey, Langley, Aldergrove and Cloverdale region. Horseback riding lessons are also available
on-site with our experienced resident coaches and trainers.